Expert mode

But I like mooching off of your electric stove!


Can I use your stove to cook some… BACON? :smiling_imp:


I feel peckish for @TheDerpMaster bacon…

yeah lol

I think expert mode should have Earthquakes! And if it does damage to your house the blocks will float on the ground like they do if u drop them. AND to save yourself you could stand in the doorway to get less harm!:slight_smile:


This might be considered a regression. But I think this should be reverted in expert mode. Right now if you drop something in water, it’s no big deal… but imagine the panic if you dropped a diamond off the edge of a boat and it sinks :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Even better, let wooden items float, so a diamond in a basket would float.


Oh heck yeah!! I would love this. In fact, I would take an expedition to the bottom of oceans to loot stuff that people dropped! :lol:

(Also, I never was one for utilizing those “watervators”. It just seemed a little too non-sciencey)


I consider anything that you can do in a game science. It’s like, games are their own universes with their own laws of physics. I find I get more enjoyment finding out the ‘new laws’ that way. Just thought I’d share. :slight_smile:


yeah, that would be very cool, except they despawn rather quickly. For what it’s worth, placed handcars do not despawn and if you land in water with one and hop off, it doesn’t break, but sinks to the bottom very slowly. I got very spooked one day exploring the bottom of the ocean on Skylands Arena and found DOZENS of sunken handcars lost to their users. I’m surprised the wheels hadn’t rusted off. But it was very eerie.


Their loss. Should have been more careful. :slight_smile:

yes, that’s true. Just would prevent someone doing much “treasure collecting” at the bottom of the ocean.


This is amazing, I never really stopped to think what happens to hand carts that are simply allowed to sink.
I’ve always chased after mine :lol:

Now - if only shark attacks could sink boats and they, too, would sink to the bottom…

“Need a bigger boat!!”


LOL. There is a spot on Skylands Odyssey that is a boat graveyard. Word to the wise…don’t a let a boat sail up into a block. #Charibdes


I didn’t see any of these ideas in the thread, but let me know if they’re there and I’ll delete this post.

For one, sinking? Just another reason not to venture into the ocean unprepared. As your blockhead attempts to paddle out into deep water, he’ll find himself pulled inexorably below the surface. Maybe he could attempt to swim straight up to resurface, costing a large amount of energy?

Another thing that players should have to think twice about in expert mode is exploring caves—especially without a light. Certain surfaces should be found in caves that damage your blockhead’s health. Nothing fancy, just something somewhat equivalent to lava that you can’t see in the dark. Maybe it could look like stalagmites.

Just one more thing. I think plenty of Game Center achievements should be added for expert mode. This game mode is supposed to be the great equalizer, so it should come with a way to prove that we can play like pros! Taking this idea even further, maybe items or places unique to expert mode could be discovered after lots of hard work. Incentives are always a good idea.

Again, these ideas may already be out there, and it’s probably too late to submit them anyway. All the same, I didn’t want to leave them unsaid. Who knows what may grab Dave as 1.8 material?


Those are pretty good ideas, but you should maybe put them in their own thread to get better attention. I like the sinking swimmer idea. Perhaps he should start to sink after getting tired and you have to focus more on keeping him on the top of the water. Just a thought.


Items should sink too :smiley: that’d be cool .

But you’d continue to do the same thing as you already do to keep them above the surface, especially when exploring - tap the top of the water at the edge of your view

Or what about if your blockhead is to tired it can’t stay above water? It will encourage people to sleep before swimming. :smiley:


Yes, but what if you just leave them to bob there for a moment and suddenly they are below water and drowning? Or what if you have already explored the ocean and you tap on the far coast, but before he can swim the whole way across, he starts sinking and drowns?

OOOh. Would be cool to have a eerie, sunken handcar graveyard on Arena. :thinking: