Exploring servers

Currently flying through a new server called sea of flowers and I’m a regular visitor of ‘Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire’

And also a new visitor to Skeeves Exile on expert.

Where else can I visit?

How about giants and unihorse?

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Lol. If you really want the items, I have a few of each pole item in one of my chests lol

I teleport and collect them

I can’t keep straight who has asked and who has been on my servers or not.
But I just added more credit to
Skylands Odyssey and
Skylands Arena
and then there’s always Rabbithole.

Anime Roleplay?

Like rabbithole. But I want to bring in a portal chest. We all know what it would take to make one and how likely will I be able to find a golden chest in such a famous server?

You can’t craft golden chests. I’m pretty sure of that

There’s a shop selling golden chests in Mad Hatter Mall to the right of spawn. :smiley:

Is that there name of the server? I will look at it later

Thumbs up that all servers should have a shop that sells gold chest. It’s has to be a relatively cheap price but enough that the block head has to earn and save up enough money to buy it.

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I was referring to Rabbithole. The Mad Hatter Mall is just over the hill to the right and upstairs. I’ll go check the prices, but yeah, it will require some saving up first.

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Here is a link to a thread for servers to check out:

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