Extra Inventory Space

Hey guys, this is my first post to the forums, loving the game so far :slight_smile:

Anyways, you came for a tip, so here it is. I’m not sure if this a bug or was intended though, it worked for me however.

For more inventory space when exploring:

I found that if you place an item into Basket A and place Basket A inside of Basket B, the item that you originally placed inside of Basket A will remain there, allowing you to carry more items around.

[SIZE=4]TL;DR[/SIZE] Basket A inside Basket B = more room

If you plan on doing this though, I’d recommend having 1 of your hotbar/main inventory slots empty, to allow you to put a basket there and view the items inside.


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Actually, you can have an infinite inventory using this method with Basket A, B, C, D, etc.

I would have put that but assumed people would just figure it out from what I posted. Either way, now they know :smiley:

Yep:D good post

Haha I love that! It’s so much more efficient then Minecraft!

Yeah! with Minecrafts 64 stack limit. :smiley:
why not 100??? O.o or 50?
its gotta be “64”.
lol :smiley:

Wait wait how do you guys make baskets? Hmm

Crafting bench

This works with chests as well.

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Yep. sure does

All my slots ar filled with baskets :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats alot of baskets!

Thanks Dx! finally saw it! :slight_smile: all of my slots are baskets now.

its a shame you cant open chests from your inventory, then we would have an even bigger inventory.

I like carrying extra chests rather than extra baskets because it holds more and seems easier to just put it down to see what’s inside, plus it’s stackable while the baskets each take up an inventory space.

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That ruins the purpose of the baskets :stuck_out_tongue:

That ruins the purpose of the baskets:p


What? This topic is 10 days old.

As in Inception?