Extra rewards for ads

I think there should should be a reward for watching a certain amount of ads, for example: 10 ads watched- 40 TC, 25 ads watched- 100 TC, 50 ad’s watched- 175 TC, all the way up to 1000 for 1,500 TC, so that it would encourage players to watch more ads for more TC, as it would bring in extra revenue from the free to play players, and it would be a nice addition to the total tc you would get for watching a load of ads. (this would of course be redeemable once)

But then Dave would make less money and the game might be less likely to get a upgrade.

its aimed at the free to play players, not just the players that put loads of money into TC. Those people wont just stop putting money into the game because they get a few extra TC from ads. Plus its just a idea, it can be improved on and made more perfect.

Just thought people will be more likely to watch less ads.

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If they are getting more TC, why would they stop watching ads?

cause they would not need as much to make items.

The incentive for time crystals has not been very high since 1.7 was released. You can still use time crystals to speed up the time it takes to craft an item, but world credit was a huge incentive before 1.7.

On the flip-side, people have more TC free for other stuff, now they aren’t spending them on world credit.

That could definitely be considered a benefit. :thinking:

even though its one time purchases, you still have to use TC for upgrading portals and sell portals, and its around 500-700 for those, so there is still some incentive other than world credit

But, the point of blockheads is to earn TC. That is the fun of it, right? Or the goal of singleplayer. If everyone just got loaded up with tonnes of it every hundred ads they watched, there would be no thrill in finding the TC blocks in caves.

That’s not the intent. The point is to enjoy yourself.


I believe this 100%

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Dave and I share the wish for everyone to enjoy the game, so we don’t ban cheating. We only bar it on worlds that don’t explicitly allow it in their rules. Some people enjoy pulling games apart and messing with them, and the resulting cheats are fun for some. The only bad fun is that gained by ruining the fun of others.


I agree that the game is about being fun, but I also must say, finding TC blocks is enjoyable, and fun in my opinion.

its a bonus, it might be around 400-550 tc for watching 100 ads, that isnt a lot compared to what you get from it, which is about 20,000 tc

But you wouldn’t get twenty thousand TC from watching 100 ads you’d get twenty hundred, also known as 2000. So for watching 100 ads, you would get about 1.25 of what you would get without the bonus. It seems like quite a bit, still.