Extremely peculiar random explored circles in the air


So I was scrolling around the sky on the Unihorse server, and I found apparently explored circle areas, but covered with unexplored fog.

They gradually widen as I go left.

Even with explored areas in the way of this pattern, I’ve found that the circles continue.

Maybe this is the reason causing those 1.7 crashes.


My best guess would be someone flying through with lag spikes, every now and then I’ll explore a place, but when I go into the dark only some fog is uncovered. Could be that, or a genuine issue. Either way, that’s my best guess.


Well, it doesn’t appear to be in a straight line, so that’s possible.


Rabbithole has a bunch of those and they predate jetpack flight. My guess/theory is that they stem from teleportation. I think it changed at some point but we used to see a player’s Blockhead fly away quickly when they teleported. But Dave would know for sure.


Those have been there for as long as I can remember. They are from when the server was first explored.


Wait, Unihorse has unexplored parts? :what:


In the sky and underground in many areas of the world there are still unexplored areas. We still find trolls to tame. It is a 4x world there is plenty of space for expansion still. Most new players don’t venture far from spawn even with the world wide subway.