Facebook name change and the "Metaverse"

Does Facebook think it can escape the numerous ongoing scandals that it’s currently stuck in? :question:

One week to go!

The “Metaverse” is the next big step for large technology companies (such as Roblox and Epic Games).

Only if they make a new company, and transfer its employees over. My local scam company does this every year or so to get rid of any lawsuits.

Here is some fun new names I drew up:

  • BookFace
  • Facebook w/ a mustache
  • ZuckerBook
  • The ZuckBook
  • AllYouDataAreBelongToUs
  • Alphabet 2: The Squeakquel
  • InstaBook
  • Facegram

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@firestar9991 predicted it! :what:

Well, I guess it finally happened! That’s an interesting name… :thinking:

more face booking

Facebook (the social media platform) isn’t going away.