Facebook Says Apple's iOS Anti-Tracking Features Will Cut 50% of its Audience Network Ad Revenue

I have no sympathy for Facebook.


Ugh, if Facebook couldn’t have made things worse. :unamused:

Facebook is now throwing a temper tantrum.

How does one profit off of user privacy protection?

Apple has responded to Facebook.

Why is Facebook trying to justify tracking people?

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Because those data are a major part of their business.

I don’t think that anybody is falling for Facebook’s schemes.

I think FB makes enough money from the data it collects on its own site. I have no wish to have them track the rest of my online activity. I block them already. I’m delighted that Apple are stepping up.

Even Facebook employees are intervening!

Mark Zuckerberg is butthurt.

Facebook is preparing to sue Apple!

Tim Cook isn’t happy with Facebook.

Facebook is helping to contribute to a world with no privacy.

It seems like Facebook is finally beginning to give up.

Facebook is messed up.

Facebook is hungry for user data.

What kind of reverse psychology is this?

I don’t have facebook account and probably won’t get one but facebook (as in the company) is acting really weird about this…

They’re acting like any evil empire would :slight_smile:

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Tim Cook is fed up with Facebook.

Facebook isn’t throwing a fit anymore.

Facebook has accepted defeat.