Faction Server - Skanky Dank

Hello so I manage the server called skanky dank. It’s now officially open for good!

This was a big server a while back with some players even hitting 500 hours of play time 0.0

I was wondering if you guys had anything you would like to see implemented in the server or the server bot.



No hacking

No advertising

No cursing

Basic trash talk allowed if we deem it not okay what your saying we will warn you if you continue you will be punish

Server Bot

Server has a lovely little bot that will tell you when someone joins with cute faces and if you curse the bot will flip a table if you say “sorry for cursing” the bot will put the table back in place

Staff Information

There’s 2 admins at the moment allowed but were always looking for mods.

You can earn mod by either reaching a massive amount of play time or by being noticed by staff for your conduct.


We have mazes in the server that will give you some good loot! Like a portal chest, super shop and different items!

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No suggestions for the server, but it’s expected that you put the rules and a little description of your server in your first post.

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