Fake Blockheads tips and facts


This thread is about posting fake facts and tips about Blockheads.

I’ll start.

Red marble is actually just what happens when a cave troll paints marble red, and puts it in a cave.


Here’s our first tip.

Blockheads can’t drown in Vanilla worlds! Go to the bottom and swim! (Don’t look at your health meter)


When 2 dodo and 3 donkey meet together then thay make cave troll :sweat_smile:


When you’re low on health, eat tons of chilies and coffee. If it says your blockhead is hot it’s no bigge


Go and hug the doggies in the trees


The pixels that make up the blocks are made out of tiny triangles that you cannot see.


Time crystals are obtainable by deleting your world.


A rainbow tulip can be obtained by planting all the purest colors of the rainbow


Fishing rods actually do more damage than a titanium sword. :wink:


Going into servers and asking for admin right as you join always gets you the position


Throwing titanium ore in lava gives you time crystals


Lapis lazuli is actually red marble in a color glitch.


On pvp servers, armour is overrated. Walk into fights with all your stuff and no armour, and show those “noobs” how it’s done


The next update is in 11 days


If you mine if a shovel, it’ll be faster! Try it!!! :smiley:


That is fake info!
Stop lying to everyone!
Everyone knows using your bare hands is faster!


Flint is more valuable than titanium and you can sell it in the trade portal for 999 tc each!


It was a joke, zeeke said mining with a shovel was faster, I thought he meant spade which was a real fact, so I made that joke


I thought you were replying to Foil, then I realized the part about the hands being faster. Deleted that, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Let’s not derail the thread, back on topic!


If you sit by a yellow portal you get rich automatically.