Fake Blockheads tips and facts


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Your Blockhead will be yellow skin toned if you name them Homer!

  1. If you hack TC, Dave and Milla will reward you by making you a super admin
  2. If your blockhead eats a mango, your phone/tablet explodes
  3. There is only one hacker in the entire world - they’re called Boltlord (not really, please don’t take that the wrong way)
  4. If you email support “I AM A HACKER AND HAVE 384773828477484 TC SO YOU SHOULD BAN ME NOW”, they will make you a super awesome tree that will kill your blockheads because of how awesome it is.
    Also- this is true



Boltlord is smart


Your Blockhead is blue skin-toned if you name it “Alien” or “Zenomorph”.


You can get superadmin by making your blockheads name dave


Apple recently announced that games that don’t get updated tomorrow will get kicked off the app store.


Sky Does Minecraft now does Blockheads


I actually got a Skydoesminecraft imposter with a friend and they were kinda creepy because I read the logs and they literally said, “I know you’re reading this Santee” and I was like Oh wow…


You can grind tulips into pigments (ooh, suggestion time!)


Tulips can make jet packs which can make flint which can make diamond portals which can make stone


There is a Danny Pino Easter egg in Blockheads.


Giant Long Nosed Villagers from Minecraft that wear party hats are coming in 1.8


That’s really funny! XD


I like how you photoshopped an ‘r’ instead of a nose.

Lol, just imagine. More squidwards! :open_mouth:


Worm BBQ is banned from the cloud, it is illegal!


Worm food is banned from the cloud, too.


Go to pokemon servers, they are totally familg friendly pg rated



(I only go to those innapropriate servers to report them to milla, and if you come across one I suggest doing the same. Not saying to seek them out.)

Scorpions are harmless, pet them!