Fake Blockheads tips and facts


Blockheads will have thousands of server bots roaming the community, and taking over.

(To he honest, this may not even be fake, you never know ._.)


In the 1.7 update blockheads will have penguins on their faces and the only way to get them ofd is if you gave them candy which will be in the 2.1 update :smiley: (the 1.7 update is 10/10 would eat a mango again)


There are secret Easter eggs that allow you to access another dimension. ._.


If you ride a donkey and make it breed with a drop bear, you’ll be teleported to the Lit dimension, where you have to defeat jake Paul to return all to peace.


There will be a portal to the Nether in 1.7. (Notch joined Majic Jungle)


I wish Notch joined. ._.

Dave will soon create a the Blockheads 2.


The last post actually loses in this thread.


There is no way to make an automatic dodo farm.

There is a way to make an automatic cave troll farm.

Just send a blockhead with a tin foil hat…

Wait never mind.


1.7 is a prank. Dave spent 14+ months working on a troll message that comes up when you download.


Oml that’d be insane

Dave is a criminal mastermind who is secretly in control of the entire internet.


Trade portals are hacks and a way to get items in a cheating fashion, BURN THEM ALL!


Dave will add the ability to melt steel and other conductive metals in 1.7.
The induction coil bench will require: one million dark matter pellets, 25 magnets, three hundred twenty-seven steam generators, etc., etc.


You can make an unlimited water source simply by having a 2 by 2 area filled with water.


Only GoodGradesBoy and I can make bold text on the forums.


a secret level 6 diamond portal is somewhere hidden in every world


If you find the seam at the highest point you can go in the sky, you will find a baby dragon.


If you go below lava you’ll find silver ore.


Dave is actually the same person as milla.


Milla is secretly a Russian spy.


Using a titanium pickaxe is zetta slow. Use a hand