Fake Blockheads tips and facts


1.7 will never come.


1.7 will never come on Earth, but will on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.


They actually said that and I did not use… those bookmarks to do that.


I don’t know if this is naming and shaming…

Also that user pic totally does not match mine. Too much grass. xD


Just using JS injections
They’re fun!


If you get an admin talking to his friend to recover his personal loss, say “Admin me” 5 times in one minute and you’ll get admin


That’s just a stretched r on the blockhead.

If you bunny on the potato you die and get rewarded with a $70,000,000 bounty for your arrest. In blockheads


The brown creature in Ark’s story is actually real!


Reply to quote “The pixels that make up the blocks are made out of tiny triangles that you cannot see.”

this is true in the gaming industry right? im pretty sure every 3d object is calculated using triangles, including cubes


Blockheads will become 3D in 1.8!


I don’t think so…?

Or this reddit thread (reddit has quite the… artistic language selection). Both indicate you can’t make one of such, but maybe its coming.

The Blockheads will offer Double Time Aqua for free in 1.7!


well… im not talking about how images are drawn on a screen. i’m talking about digital 3d models

RYT need to do the OP thing

Trees are actually brown fast growing steel that burn


Blockheads will have thousands of server bots roaming the community, and taking over.

(To he honest, this may not even be fake, you never know ._.)


In the 1.7 update blockheads will have penguins on their faces and the only way to get them ofd is if you gave them candy which will be in the 2.1 update :smiley: (the 1.7 update is 10/10 would eat a mango again)


There are secret Easter eggs that allow you to access another dimension. ._.


If you ride a donkey and make it breed with a drop bear, you’ll be teleported to the Lit dimension, where you have to defeat jake Paul to return all to peace.


There will be a portal to the Nether in 1.7. (Notch joined Majic Jungle)


I wish Notch joined. ._.

Dave will soon create a the Blockheads 2.


The last post actually loses in this thread.


There is no way to make an automatic dodo farm.

There is a way to make an automatic cave troll farm.

Just send a blockhead with a tin foil hat…

Wait never mind.