Fake Blockheads tips and facts


The Blockheads is secretly on your computer! You have to extract it from a file that’s blocked by “System 32”. Delete system 32 to access The Blockheads!



And then some kid.will delete system32…oh well.

Pretty sure it’s impossible anyways…


The Blockheads is actually a plot to assassinate the King of Wachamacallit! Do something!


Your BH will farm, plant and do many other useful tasks with a tinfoil hat. Try it.


That’s true!

You blockhead can drink water. If you sumurge your blockhead’s face in water he will drink it!


This is a thread meant for fake facts, not true facts.


Yours do useful stuff? Mine usually destroy trees and grief buildings. They just start hacking at everything that keeps them from walking forward as far as I can tell.

How do you get yours to do useful stuff?


Caron's Pixel Art

Tap the blue text.

Back on topic please.


Back on topic please.

If you post something on the forums at 3:00 AM, you get banned. (don’t FaceTime a Blockhead at this time either) (IT WORKS) (GONE WRONG)


Blockheads was actually a very early version of 2d minecraft


if you eat too many dodos you will have to become vegetarian


If you throw titanium picks in lava and build a dirt spawn your server will be the most popular server ever


If you destroy every building on your server, you will get TC for each block destroyed.
(You must have at least 10 buildings)

Also: How do you quote?


If you execute the command /summon God, Chuck Norris will destroy every block in the world in a matter of seconds.




No jk on a computer highlight what you want to quote then a button should pop up saying “Quote”

Dave is lying about world credit being paid. He just wants to get everyone stirred up.


Like this:


Thank You
Also, If you throw a diamond pick into lava, you get 500 TC


If you look at a tree, Dave will be summoned and he will ask you if you own a TC spear. If you are honest, you gain access to Blockheads 1.8.


The Beta Testers are only people who hack.


The beta testers are secretly able to get super admin.