Fake Blockheads tips and facts


In some cases it can be :slight_smile:


You can freeze water using campfires.


If you throw a gold coin into a water hole shaped like this:

:hash: = Water
:negative_squared_cross_mark: = block

A fairy will appear and give you god mode


Blockheads was originally owned by Disney but then Dave bought it from them because he didn’t want a sandbox Mickey game to exist.


If you find a big blue guy in a cave, then run to greet him. Hes a rare merchant that sells pole items.


Blockheads 2.0 will have the 140p texture pack, $100.99 USD!


Official 1.7 release (fake)

Between three weeks. February 28th


On Twitter it was announced that wheat is 100% confirmed.




In 1.7, there will be paper money as well as coins!


Actually in 1.7 the coin system will instead be dollars and cents. The platinum coin will instead be a 100 dollar bill, the gold a one dollar bill. And the cent or the coin will just be a cent (100% FAKE FACT)

And the zora will be added in 1.7


You can get the achievement Jemnidad if you play on Skylands Arena and get a handcar jump of 50+.


Wish we had that though.

Arrange blocks like this -

:slightly_smiling_face: - Blockhead
:negative_squared_cross_mark: - Titanium Block
:pick: - All pick axes you have



Instructions not clear, got blockhead stuck in a toaster.

Diamond ore is in the game but you need to get a diamond pickaxe to mine it!


You can make dirt columns in the dirt column bench, made in a builder’s bench.


Dirt can be made into platinum coins in the coin bench


Gravel can not only be turned into ores, but ingots too.


^^ kind of true lol

Blockheads will allow you to place Windows’s underground now!


You will be able to name trees in blockheads.


You can plant Sunflower seeds underwater in black sand.

And I may be trying these tips out and making pictures just for ya’ll entertainment. :lol:

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