Fake Blockheads tips and facts


Imagine if that was real

When you kill too many dodos they will become extinct


Donkeys are secretly the illuminati in disguise. They’re watching our every move.



That gave me an idea…


Making free TC servers contribute to the game!


If you walk far enough, you’ll find the edge of the world… it’s a waterfall which you can sail down.


And once you sail down you find a town of dodo NPCs that you can chat with, chat bots in ofher words. :lol:


Titanium Tools inflict lesser damage than a copper bow and dont let you get protected from attacks


The yaks in 1.7 are actually fluffy moose chimpanzee ducks.


Nobody is hyped about 1.7. We’re just pretending, trying to up the fanbase or whatever, propaganda.
And no, they’re not adding yaks, I’m very HYPED fence, etc.

Seriously, don’t play blockheads. It’s a miserable, single-player-only, 3-D, non-chat-based, music-less game. PLEASE DON’T PLAY IT.


Donkeys are being removed in 1.7.


1.7 will be released in 2019.


1.7 adds cake. And as we know




1.7 will remove all uses of π in algorithms due to INeedPie being so evil.


1.7 is the smallest update ever.


1.7 has a new blockheads face, it looks like this: ._.


1.7 removes blockheads.


1.7 cloud bans Doge memes for .8327832 second.


ur mean
1.7 is canceled.


1.7 is now 1.8!


Artemis Fowl conniving- Hmm, I wonder if I can steal gold from another species?
Evil Laugh

Me conniving- Hmm, I wonder if I can take another biscuit without being noticed?
Evil Laugh