Fake Blockheads tips and facts


People will vote up your server if you do the following to them:

:stop_button: = any solid block
:smiley: = player
:stop_sign: = protection sign
:no_entry_sign: = air



There’s a 45 US president Easter Egg.


If you make a free tc server, everyone in the forums will love you forever. If you hack in game, you get leader like milla and Dave.


Most ridiculous one yet. XD

There are secretly Red time crystals that are the equivalent of 100 time crystals each, while there are green time crystals that are the equivalent to 1000 time crystals.


The “buy tc” doesn’t cost anything. Just hit the button for buy tcs, and you will get unlimited amount for free.


There will be cars in 1.10.


@TheKnexGuy you got it wrong. You have to click the $99.99 amount of tcs. It won’t actually cost you anything, and that warning’s just a silly prank. You won’t get an infinite amount of tc, however, but you can spam it to get as much as you can tap. I, personally, would click it for at least a minute nonstop. And tell your mom all those messages popping up in the mail about money being spent is just what’s left of Dave’s trolling days.


@THEHACKKNIGHT, I’d think they ask “How do I get out?” or leave…
Sorry, but you are not allowed to get any more TCs for free.

@devyn, hmm… So only hackers can access red and green time crystals by coloring items?

@TheKnexGuy, then we’d have many people as leader.

@Brer-Rabbit, We’re on 1.6 now. DO YOU KNOW YOUR DECIMAL PLACE VALUE?


No, they’re available to anyone with magic powers. ._.


Cars are a long way off, I know! :lol:


TheHackKnight did not stare blankly and slowly step away with a surprised face right now.


If you make an anime server, you get free TC and get god mode.


In 2019 majicsave will be the new cloud runner of the game.


“Majicsave”. I’m not correcting you, I’m just pointing that out that that actually sounds really really cool. XD

In 2020, there will be an entirely different server type (ex. BlockServer, Cloud, Mac).


In 2021 Majicdave will become our supreme leader in the us and force everyone to play blockheads or they will be executed by playing expert modd


Really guys, you will never know what will happen in the future.


In 2019, majicDave becomes the leader of the world thus making him a politician, so he can not be mentioned on the forums.


The Blockheads is secretly on your computer! You have to extract it from a file that’s blocked by “System 32”. Delete system 32 to access The Blockheads!



And then some kid.will delete system32…oh well.

Pretty sure it’s impossible anyways…


The Blockheads is actually a plot to assassinate the King of Wachamacallit! Do something!