Fake Blockheads tips and facts


If I remember correctly, Artemis pulled off way worse things than a fairy ransom.

Speaking of which, fairy ransoming and many more elements of Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl will become reality in every Blockheads world’s underworld!
(Prepares for cave trolls to get a lot deadlier)


Idk, that was my favourite XD
But I’m reading No. 6 right now, Artemis Fowl and The Time Paradox so perhaps there is worse stuff further on. But I’m looking forward to The Last Guardian, Opal Koboi is back and she was a rlly tricky character.


I only read 2, so I wouldn’t know

Voice chat is coming to 1.7


(Voice chat was interesting in GameCenter hosted worlds, though I never spoke)

Yaks are secretly monkeys in a costume.


If you manage to dig down to the bottom of the lava, you will find the underworld region. There are fire demons, lava oceans and gem trees you can plant — and eat the gems!


Cherries can kill you if you eat too many


If you reach the top of space you find the sun which is full of lava


If you see a dodo it will eat you


If you see a cave troll, it will be your best friend for life.


In 1.7, pigs will fly!


If you pet a cave troll with a sword it will give you free ice armor and leave


Your nose will bleed if you eat too much, it’s true. Anyways, another fact:
If you use too much of one paint bucket it will run out.


Cave trolls secret: cave trolls leave basil :herb: (the herb) and salt on the lava everytime and when you pour water on lava the Basil :herb: and salt mix up creating a chemical reaction which turns into BASALT. Basalt is black because the herb is completely burnt and those shiny dots are the salt. So now cover a cave troll with basalt and you will see that the basalt blocks start to grow which will give you more natural basalt blocks. Try it out it’s true


Pizza can be made into pizza block in the pizza bench which is made of pizza block


1.7 will revert back to 1.4 starting tomorrow! :slight_smile:


The ‘wheat’ is actually a pizza plant that spawns yaks. Then you kill yaks to get the shavings to like the pizza oven so you can bake the pizzas.


You get Unicorns by placing diamond gem trees. This will automatically spawn a Unicorn in 36.4 seconds if you meditate. But make sure to place a fence around the tree, you don’t want the Unicorn flying away. And also, don’t forget to NOT put another donkey next to the gem tree, this will take up too much space on the sky island and Unicorns and other animals will not be able to spawn.


Yaks are enemies


Unicorns are replacing Blockheads in 1.7.1, you will be unicorns and breed blockheads. The Unicornheads.


If you eat a certain amount of apples you’ll die due to the cyanide in the apple seeds (because your blockhead eats the apple whole.)