Fake Blockheads tips and facts


Fact: Expert mode is easier to play than normal


Vanilla world trade portals are more fun than custom world ones


If you high five a cave troll (punching it) the cave troll will be tamed automatically


Blockheads was originally a dating site


If you go near a dropbear at night, it will give you free stuff


If you see a rainbow dodo pet it with a sword multipule times


If you see a cave troll, stand next to it and if it hits you, you will have god mode


now that 1.7 is out, all the good servers will close.


1.8 comes out tomorrow, it makes it so every existing block becomes lava/magma.


Yaks are actually not in the game,THEY’RE WATER BUFFALOS!


hey kid, if you delete TBH you will get free wifi!


want som free tc? go into a tank of sharks! oh its too dangerous? dont look at those. bars, stil worried? oh for. have u lost all your braincells? jus jump in!


If you want unlimited platinum coins then kill unicorns. It works! They drop inifinite coins!


Unicorns are evil and can kill you in one shot


I’d kill a unicorn if it dropped COPPER coins xd


The blockheads is the most innovative first person shooter of the 1980s


If you make tame a cave troll it turns into 1000000000000000000000000000000 plat


If you get hacked time crystals ,Dave will be very happy


Rainbow Unicorns cough up Rainbow Cakes.


Donuts are coming in 1.8.