Fake Blockheads tips and facts


Legos will be added in 1.8.
Why? So you can step on them of course!!


memes are a thing in TBH! just delete the game files to see them, of course!


1.8 will be released in 1 week.


Go hug a dropbear wherever you’d like, it’ll hug you back, it’ll start to hug/love you to death when you notice your health bar is low


1.7 is the best update and it will always be the best update.


Fact: That’s not an opinion.

Monkeys are coming in 1.18, coming on Friday!


Unicorns are the best way to travel. Jet packs and trains are horrible.

I can’t believe I just said that even though it’s a fake fact.


The Teletubby update comes tomorrow, with new teletubby mobs!!!


Dancing with a scorpion will give you poison


3.14 is being added


Griefing is encouraged and Dave does it to random severs on a regular basis :+1:


Hacking is fine. Everyone will think you’re cool.


Especially when you grief using the hacks :+1: :+1: :+1:


Yes! Godmode around while pouring water!


And dumping items on the ground!




In expert mode, legos will rain from the sky after 1.8. There will also be lego-dropping bears added.


Scorpions instakill you


Except in one hit kill mode, then they give you sunshine and rainbows! :smiley:


dying now gives you 50 TC