Fake Blockheads tips and facts


Unless you’re me, you will be banned from the internet by Dave.


Unicorns are monsters and they must all die.

@DGPG :wink:


Hacking and TC theft is a nice and kind exercise that makes people and dave very happy :slight_smile:


Hacking and TC theft is a nice and kind exercise that makes people and dave very happy :slight_smile:

On the radio:
“Yay! I can finally admit my crimes!”
Police siren starts
Significant change in the pitch of police siren heard
“Oh… maybe I shouldn’t’ve.”
Drop in the pitch
“Yeah, definitely shouldn’t’ve.”
Hears running footsteps as the TC thief flees

A succesful milla-fishing will reward you with 2 million titanium ingots, plus a million TC!


In lava there is a giant killer cave troll that dabs at you taking 100% of your health, ignoring even armours


Calling Dave a human mistake grants you the infinite armor, which protects even from bans!


Ahem… Wah???

I stopped hacking long ago. ;-; Perhaps over 10 Months now.


Green hug monsters just want friends! You can find them in the middle of the desert


you can trust people you meet on blockheads AND the forums!


Admin/Mod/Owner/SuperMod-tamed pets can ban you if you attack them (or cloud ban if its supermod).


That’s actually sort of true.

Disney bought Blockheads and will soon make it the Mickeyheads.


Dave has posted on Twitter that he will add facial expressions in 1.8.


No no no no no no
I need proof


No idea what you’re implying but I’m sure it makes sense.

1.8 will add elephants that destroy anything they walk on.


In deserts there will be a WARMECH (from Final Fantasy Original) destroying you and any block including protected and metal blocks with lasers that penetrate armour.


It has been revealed on twitter that gold can be used to make what seems like gold foil in 1.8.

At least that’s how the rumour goes.


Spawn ugandan knuckles by mutating a donkey with a dodo and then taming it with a compass to let it find da wae home to the portal

Ok that was really random


I actually found a little secret by Dave, it’s called the unknown and the Pole item chest.

How you get an unknown is simple, search the core at the lava level until you come across one.

And then how to find the pole item chest: you go out digging sand in dry areas of the world with grass and sand, not deserts. Usually by beaches until you find a colorful chest with purple on it and a pole hat on it. That will allow you to craft pole items.


There is actually a way to get free time crystals, it’s called safes.

Take the safe and eat it, then you have the 64 bit limit limit of tcs in your inventory.


Always take a sword to a bowfight.

Do not listen to Indiana Jones, he does not know how to fight.