Fake Blockheads tips and facts


Fact: Nintendo switches are now in the game


The blockheads is the most innovative first person shooter of the 1980s


If you make tame a cave troll it turns into 1000000000000000000000000000000 plat


If you get hacked time crystals ,Dave will be very happy


Rainbow Unicorns cough up Rainbow Cakes.


Donuts are coming in 1.8.


Legos will be added in 1.8.
Why? So you can step on them of course!!


memes are a thing in TBH! just delete the game files to see them, of course!


if you break glass in expert mode " "


1.8 will be released in 1 week.


Go hug a dropbear wherever you’d like, it’ll hug you back, it’ll start to hug/love you to death when you notice your health bar is low


1.7 is the best update and it will always be the best update.


Fact: That’s not an opinion.

Monkeys are coming in 1.18, coming on Friday!


Unicorns are the best way to travel. Jet packs and trains are horrible.

I can’t believe I just said that even though it’s a fake fact.


The Teletubby update comes tomorrow, with new teletubby mobs!!!


Dancing with a scorpion will give you poison


3.14 is being added


the game 2048 is coming in 1.8


Griefing is encouraged and Dave does it to random severs on a regular basis :+1:


Hacking is fine. Everyone will think you’re cool.