Fake Blockheads tips and facts

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium for Blockheads and are to be added in 1.8

Bandanaans are an excellent source of titanium.

And will not be added.

I just found this out, when the baby yak and the normal yak make sounds they are actually secretly farting :slight_smile:

And the egg extractor is the sound of slurping on milk

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When you go up an elevator, there are actually thousands of cute kittens empowering your blockhead to levitate upwards

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Stop the kitten slavery! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you say Veni Vidi Vici in chat it will give you a secret Caesar blockhead skin.

Real Fun fact: If you go to the North Pole and walk without jackets or anything on you will be rewarded with death :slight_smile:

Sitting around and meditating will give you 999999 tcs.

Such realistic numbers :wink:

if you download this picture you will get 10,000 tcs.


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1.8 will add Jahcoin, 100 platinum coin value.

To access to a hidden dungeon, throw some diamonds into the Magma or make a Unicorn sink into it.

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If you make a painting of a pickle, the flax realm will open.


Update 67.2 will add new bosses, including The Twins :wink:
(Why’d it take me so long to find this thread xD)

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In “The Blockheads: 1.8”, a boss called The Black Knight (Ghostly Knight wearing European-style armour, riding a black horse, and equipping a gigantic sword) appears, spawns once every 200 blockhead days, and can easily rupture you with his sword (can destroy a Titanium- or Carbon Fibre-armoured player in 8 hits), his armour is very strong, stronger than the 2 aforementioned armours.

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If you first create a flywheel in expert mode, then connect it to a block of lava, you get infinite energy.

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