Fake Blockheads tips and facts


That’s actually sort of true.

Disney bought Blockheads and will soon make it the Mickeyheads.


Wrong, i mean a literal runner as in running the maze.


Dave has posted on Twitter that he will add facial expressions in 1.8.


No no no no no no
I need proof


No idea what you’re implying but I’m sure it makes sense.

1.8 will add elephants that destroy anything they walk on.


In deserts there will be a WARMECH (from Final Fantasy Original) destroying you and any block including protected and metal blocks with lasers that penetrate armour.


Feeding a blockhead 10 copper coins will give it lead poisoning.


It has been revealed on twitter that gold can be used to make what seems like gold foil in 1.8.

At least that’s how the rumour goes.


A Series Of Unfortunate Events will be in 1.8, stay tuned for a new mode of mystery…


Spawn ugandan knuckles by mutating a donkey with a dodo and then taming it with a compass to let it find da wae home to the portal

Ok that was really random