Fake Life Tips (game)


Post some of the best worst tips you’ve got!
Hungry on an airplane? Wear different costumes to get tons of peanuts!


Sad? Hold in your tears, they will make you sadder.


Need money? Buy money when it goes on sale!


stressed? don’t tell anyone!


Hack time crystals.


Need cash fast? Just annoy internet users with pop ups that say “We are aliens from Mars, and we demand your cultural value system in the stacks!”

(Cultural value system = money :joy:)


Need more people to click on your ad? Make it fill up the whole screen with a hidden “x” button!


Scream “I want the weird pasta” at an Italian restaurant for free ravioli


need food quick? go into a restaurant and make them hire you. Then steal food and eat it! if you get fired go to another restaurant


When life gives you an iPhone X just throw it away.


That’s not fake. ._.


When life gives you lemons you don’t make lemonade because the lemons are actually yellow limes


When life give you lemons don’t take them because they might have germs


When given two choices: love or money, choose money.


When they ask red or blue pill, take both. Then you’ll enter the real matrix


If a stranger offers you candy say yes and follow them. They are actually nice people but your parents don’t want you to have free candy.


When someone is talking your ear off, don’t hang up just keep saying, “uh huh, uh huh.”, and wait till they get tired of talking.


Depressed? Step on a lego. Your old problems will seem small.


Want to be an owner of a server. But can’t afford a server? Wait until someone you know can make one!


Feel sick? Eat alot of uncooked meat, it’ll help!