Fake Life Tips (game)


Feel happy? Make yourself sad to feel better!


Need a rest? Drive till you fall asleep


Need time crystals? Find some crystals and wait!


Dizzy? Bang your head on a pole


Need better sleep? Start watching videos on YouTube untiL yOu reALizE iT’S FoUR iN THe moRninG


:clap:t3:Good :clap:t3:For :clap:t3: You :clap:t3:


Feeling sick?

eat candy


Need free tc to come back?
Just rate one star on your Blockheads review and say you won’t rate 5 stars until Dave adds it back!



Need money?


If you want a girlfriend, just go up to anyone and say: “Yo, I love ya, babe”

She will love you forever!


Hungry? Kill a dodo.


Is your tire tread dull and broken? Just take a new one frOM ONE OF YOUR DEAD BRETHREN image


Hate school?
Don’t go!


Don’t like working? Just live in a dirty alley and don’t eat for the rest of your life!

(Side note: A lot of these posts are sounding like air tv commercials now XD)


Don’t like drinking water? Eat it!


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you intruded my youtube video!


seriously, you did


Want to be famous? Intrude somebody’s video!


Wanna be famous? Go out onto the street and yell “I WANNA BE FAMOUS”