Fake Life Tips (game)


Want to help stop people from watching too many YouTube videos? Send 30 or more separate PM’s to Raymond!


Subscribe to me yet ? I’ll remove u off the face of earth if you do


Want to stop people from playing TBH? Too bad!


want to be happy DEFEAT YOUR RIVAL IN A DEADLY MATCH OF… Building!


Bored? Play The Blockheads!


Angry yell at a rock


Hungry? Drink water!


Thirsty? get stranded on an island!


Can’t sleep? GO TO SCHOOL EVEN IF IT’S 2:00 AM!!!


Hungry? Don’t eat.

That obviously helps.


Cant see well ?

Put carrots on your eyes .


Don’t know how to breathe air, try water :slight_smile:


Want Apple to bring back the headphone jack? No need! Just buy the phone from apple that has had the headphone jack before apple murdered it, saw it off and tape it to your device!


Ever feeling down? Take some medication to turn yourself into a psychopath so you won’t feel bad, or anything, ever again!


Ever cornered on a cliff by a murderer? Well try jumping!


Ever needed to escape the police? Go onto a roller coaster and pray that you don’t get caught.


You can be anything, so if you’ve ever wanted to fly, just be bird and hope that it works.


Ever wanted to be the best with girls, so they can’t resist you?
Play fortnite 24/7


If you ever can’t afford surgery, just get a kitchen knife and do it yourself!


Scared? Remember no one is here and no one will save you!