Fake Life Tips (game)


Don’t like drinking water? Eat it!


Wanna meet Dave in real life? Just curse in a one star review saying you love this game and will keep it forever until you die. Then he’ll pay you a visit.
Doesn’t make sense? Call this number and they’ll do it for you!


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 36 hours unless flagged)


Don’t share any phone numbers of any kind please, even fake ones


you intruded my youtube video!




seriously, you did




Want to be famous? Intrude somebody’s video!


Want to have a shoutout in Raymond’s video? Post on his thread while he’s videoing!


Wanna be famous? Go out onto the street and yell “I WANNA BE FAMOUS”


Want to help stop people from watching too many YouTube videos? Send 30 or more separate PM’s to Raymond!


Subscribe to me yet ? I’ll remove u off the face of earth if you do


Want to stop people from playing TBH? Too bad!


want to be happy DEFEAT YOUR RIVAL IN A DEADLY MATCH OF… Building!


Bored? Play The Blockheads!


Angry yell at a rock


Hungry? Drink water!


Thirsty? get stranded on an island!


Gassy? Get some mental help because that’s gross -.-