Fake Life Tips (game)


Do you want to skydive but can’t afford the plane, jump off a building and make sure to have a parachute or you will just die.


Dude this is not fortnite.


I don’t play fortnite.

Anyway if you want to become famous play minecraft


Ever been scared of a disease coming for you? Well, since getting the disease gives you antibodies, just give yourself the deadly disease and wait it out. (Just get a dead guy or something.)

Note: This is not directed towards vaccination or other actually effective methods of containing disease.


That’s actually how vaccinations work, you get some illnesses for your body to make antibodies designed for those cells, and so, get used to it.


I know, but they generally use a low dosage along with a significantly safer strain, I mean getting someone with the plague to cough on you. (Sorry if I come off rude, just want to clarify)


That’s… Genius!