Fake Suggestions thread


Hello all!
I made this thread where you can post fake suggestions to the game! I got the idea from the “fake tips and facts” thing. Have fun making ridiculous ideas!
Get ready, set, GO!


I suggest that we should all have super admin.


I think that we should call Blockheads “Minecraft 2”


Duping should be added back.


I suggest that we should add baby blockheads and that they would poop on the ground and the poop was edible


I suggest they make unicorns even harder to obtain


I suggest that this should be in #games


Instead of making 1.whatever, we should just have 2.0.


I agree with @DGPG about it being in games.

Someone hacked my tc safes!!! Fix it and put it back Blockheads!!! :sob:


You should add us being able to cloudban and hack and dupe


Add toilets so we can poo poo! Poop LOL hahahahaahah.


Moved to #games


Oh my gosh, please! I beg you, I want free TC’s back! Plssss


Add a duplication machine


Refrigerator so they can add rainbow Ice cream food :stuck_out_tongue:


Give me my tcs, can I have some of your tc? PLEAAASE!!!


I want pineapple pizza!!!11!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!!!1!1!111!1!


Rename the game to Brerheads!!!


Make the game 3D and make it so players all players can ban anyone


Rename this to Roblox!!!its a complete copy.