Fake Suggestions thread


Wait, I just realized I’m quoting myself.

Add rainbow poop


False quotes!


Be able to have godmode


While reading through this I’ve noticed some are actually really good suggestions


Rename yaks Water Buffalos.


The best

Or Mario oddesy


Are you sure you posted in the right thread? That is no suggestion.


We should have arcades in Blockheads


Oops, sorry. Wrong Thread.

Thought this was the fake advice thread.

Anyway… There should be 3D printers in Blockheads.You can get stuff like trade portals, it just takes longer.
(Wait, that might actually be a good idea if in the right context)


You should make a blockheads anime!!!


Make server credit $382183012839201


Make it so you cannot get server credit and all worlds will eventually indefinitely run out of credit, causing a cycle of unowned worlds with a week of credit to open and close every week.


anime server intensifies
They should add flamethrowers that set everything on fire, including your device you play on.


:musical_note: Everybody’s got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow
Oh where’d we get them? I don’t know, but everybody’s got a water
Buffalo-ooooooooo :musical_note:

Add soccer to the blockheads


Make capture the gems stadium a naturally generated structure, like the jungle temples in Minecraft!


Veggie Tales?




You should make a VR version and then trap 10000 players inside for some years and to exit you have to beat 99 bosses and then Dave. Inside that game you could also remove blocks because they are too annoying to place, you should be able to build faster.


We should be able to create servers for free! (Not Mac so don’t reply to this post thx)