Fake update logs


This is a game where you can make fake update logs like for example:

-Added potato
-Removed herobrine.

This can apply to any game you like including fortnite. :slight_smile:

Now please follow forum rules and i am sure staff are watching this.

Now lets begin:

Minecraft 2.0.0 - 2.0.2: The Expert mode update

Change log:
-Renamed hardcore mode to expert mode.
-Removed half of the players health.
-Worlds no longer get deleted when you die.
-Creepers explosion made bigger.
-Charged creepers spawn more frequently.
-Villagers can now attack you if you hit them.
-Cheats are now disabled and you cannot enable them.
-Ores now more scarce in expert mode.
-Zombies can now infect the player and kill them by the infection.
-New limestone block, limestone food and tree.
-New basalt block, recieve it by pouring water ontop of lava.
-Hunger decay has been increased.
-Wither stars now have a 30% chance of dropping if you kill a wither, instead of the 100% chance.
-XP is now harder to get, you can no longer get XP from ores and smelting ores.
-XP made less frequent when killing mobs.
-Curse of binding is now applied to carved pumpkins that you wear on your head.
-Tools durability has been cut by half.
-Ender pearls are now rare and can also shatter.
-Teleportation effect on ender pearls have been removed in expert mode.
-Enchanting table now requires more levels and emeralds to enchant instead of lapis.
-Killing a creeper can now cause the creeper to explode.
-Destroying a mob spawner cage will no longer give you XP.
-New cage blocks, you can now capture any animal with the cage and let them out.
-Recipies for all items has been changed
-New “5x5” workbench.
-Renamed crafting table to workbench.
-You can now hold 100 items at once instead of 64.
-Redesigned Minecraft logo.
-New Mojang logo.
-New shelf block, You can now use it to store stuff and put books on.
-Removed old bookshelf, current bookshelf blocks will be replaced with the new shelf block.
-New “Shop” item, you
-New ores, Platinum, Tin, Copper, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Time crystals, Amethysts.
-Renamed redstone to rubystone.
-Removed redstone block
-Added new coins, Platinum coins, tin coins, and so on.
-Added nod to a mobile game.
-Gold tools now have the ability to give you a boost in ores
-Tools made from gems can now give you more of that item.
-You can now reset worlds and now change the world seed (Experimental)
-Worlds are now 10 billion blocks in lengh.
-Removed herobrine for the 100th time.

Bug fixes:

-Destroying a normal cage block gives you XP.
-Expert mode features applied in some survival worlds.
-Storing items in chests causes them to disappear.
-Throwing items out of shelves and leaving the game caused them to duplicate.
-Player names didn’t show on multiplayer.
-Killing a player gave you a notch apple.
-Destroying a block on a laggy server caused it to duplicate.
-Killing a mule or donkey caused it to not de-spawn.
-Players skins sometimes glitched out.
-Making a world with seed “7102051053” crashed the game.
-Infinite Lava sometimes would spawn at Y=27.
-Diamond blocks when picked up with a silk touch pickaxe caused the game to glitch out and crash.
-Naming a world seed “21515345” caused the sky to become very dark
-Time crystals would sometimes vanish when picked up.
-Minecraft coins could be obtained by attempting to purchase them, and then leaving the game.
-Bedrock texture for some became corrupt.
-Sheep when sheered dropped 0 wool.
-Killing a parrot caused the game to crash.
-World chunks on some worlds would sometimes displace themselves becoming permanent corruptions.
-Making a realms world caused the game to crash.
-Villager trading for some completely broken.
-Diamonds would sometimes duplicate in mass causing the game to crash.
-Multiplayer worlds would sometimes crash for no reason.
-When starting the game the minecraft logo would sometimes get corrupted.
-Killing a horse, then killing yourself would cause the game to become corrupted.
-TNT would sometimes cause massive explosions crashing the game.
-Creepers would sometimes have the texture of pigs.
-Pigs would sometimes explode.
-Killing a player would sometimes crash the game.
-Eating a notch apple would cause a wither to spawn.
-The nether would sometimes become corrupt.
-Creepers would sometimes become passive mobs.
-Placing wood and then waiting 10 minutes would cause the wood to explode.
-Inventory would sometimes not even appear.
-Wearing armor would cause the game to crash.
-Using the command “/gamemode” when cheats are disabled would cause cheats to become enabled.
-Minecarts would sometimes act like turtles
-Booster rails would sometimes fling you millions of blocks.
-Teleporting in the nether would sometimes cause you to go to the end.
-Nether portals would sometimes explode.
-Sheeps would sometimes catch fire for no reason.
-The player sometimes would catch slowness by walking.
-Throwing an ender pearl would sometimes cause the game to crash.
-Throwing an ender pearl would sometimes cause those to go to Y=-17.
-Enchanting an item would sometimes cause the item to get fortune 255.
-Silk touch sometimes appling to every pickaxe when crafted.
-Diamond pickaxes would sometimes vanish when you leave the game.
-When loading up minecraft the mojang logo doesn’t display.
-When deleting a world the game would crash, causing the world to become corrupted.
-Fixed issue with world border going as far as 20 billion blocks.
-Weird behaviors when traveling millions of blocks.
-When going millions of blocks the far lands would generate at 17 billion blocks.


Blockheads 1.8
Removed dodo sounds
Handcars can flip
You can now obtain smooth blocks in the
sander bench
Added lag slider slide to 0 for ZERO lag and to 100 for instant CRASHING. Yes this could of been a feature from the being but making players rage about lag was funny.
Bug Fixes
Time crystal blocks dropped time crystals. Now they don’t.


Blockheads 1.9
Removed blockheads.


Blockheads 1.9.2

  • Added in world porting chests for custom worlds
  • removed vines
  • added ability to type in values on shops
  • added glowing backwall of luminous plaster
  • added ability to stop breeding progressions on custom
  • added ability to customize food required for extra Blockheads
  • added music after drinking coffee: William tell overture
  • changed dodo sounds to previous version


  • removed ability to dupe items


Blockheads 2.0

Removed this entire line of te


Blockheads 2.1
-Infinity Gauntlet (One Hit Killer, destroys hacking powers, made in a portal for 1000 TC, 5 Rainbow Essences, 5 Ultra Alloys, 5 Dragonscales).
-Mithril, stronger than titanium, makes harder blocks and tools (coloured teal)(in Expert, you will need Dragon Scales and Titanium Ingots).
-Emotes, all Fortnite ones.
-Guns (such as Shotguns and Snipers).
-Dragons (10x more health than a Cave Troll, cannot be tamed, spit fire, play Smash Brawl battlefield [melee] music, drop [10-15 Dragonscales, 1-2 Dragon Horns, 12 Mithril Ores], and spawn in near-magma depths).
-Malavita (Underworld, accessed using a a portal made of 10 mithril ingots, 2 Dragon Horns, 10 Dragon Scales, 1 portal).

  • Malavita enemies:
    • Demons (2x health as a blockhead, Iron Sword strength with claws, drop 2 demon horns).
    • Wizards (Blockhead Health, Titanium Sword damage using fire magic, commonly drop 1-5 Fire Essences, rarely drop 1 wizard hat).
  • Malavita Ores and Blocks:
    • Demonite Ore (strong as a block of copper/tin, bar smelted only in a Hell Furnace, dark purplish-crimson)
    • Darkstone (dark purplish-blue stone)
    • Sulphur (burns permanently, used for the Demon Furnace)
    • Demonite Block (Stronger than Mithril, made using 5 demonite bars in the Demon Furnace).
  • Malavita Items:
    • Demonite Tools (1.1x stronger than Mithril, made using demonite in a level 8 toolbench, armour in Lvl. 4 armour benches).
    • Demon Furnace (smelts every bar including Mithril, Demonite, and the Ultralloy, made of 1 Tenebristone and 10 sulphur at a level 5 workbench, which is made of 5 demonite).
    • Ultralloy (made of 1 mithril bar, 1 Demonite Bar, 1 Titanium bar, and 1 fiery essence at a Hell Furnace).
    • Demonite Bow and Fiery Arrows (6 times stronger than a Poison Arrow, effectively 4-hit-killing a Cave Troll, made of 100 sticks, 5 Demonite Bars, 5 Fiery Essences, 2 Dodo Feathers at a level 8 toolbench).
    • Demonic Staff -(strong as a titanium sword and capable of firing Demon Heads, made of 2 demon horns, 2 demonite bars, and 5 fiery essences at a level 8 toolbench).

-Devil Boss (10x stronger than a Dragon, instakills when you don’t wear armour, shoots Flying Tridents, and can be summoned using the Inferno Portal, drops Ultralloys and 2 Devil Horns).
-Inferno Portal (made of 2 demon horns, 15 fiery essences, 5 hellstone and a portal).
-Inferno (Hell, the home of the Devil Boss, filled to the brim with Hellstone and burning Sulphur).

  • Hellstone (dark red stone, hard as bronze).

-World size slider (minimum: 1/16x, max: 4096x).

-The Game is ported for the PC, the Mac, and the Linux (also requiring a 2.5GHz processor, a 1GB GPU, 2GB of RAM, and 2GB storage).
-The game now downgraded to inferior MS-Paint Graphics, using the Comic Sans font, and having poor audio (Blockheads make crazy and distorted nonsense voices when they do anything, the game’s music is replaced with known meme music, etc).
-monetised cloud servers.


So any of those ideas from Terraria at all? Just wondering…


Blockheads 2.2

Removed the cloud


(Land Of Imagination) (1.7 Alpha)

-Added death, starvation, hunger, and thirst.
-Added 4 new mobs, Bear, Sheep, Villager and Pig
-Added Diamonds, obtained by going underground.
-Added 2 new ingots (iron and lead) and 3 ores (iron, coal, lead)
-Added magnet (sucks iron out of stone)
-Added villages and villagers (work in progress)
-Reversed New Chuck formatting system to the old one.
-Added 7 new biomes (Desert, Roofed forest, Savanna, Black Sand beach, Jungle, Mesa, Tropical Islands)
-Added 4 new blocks (Black sand, bricks, glass, terra-cotta)
-Added clay
-Added Sheers, Spears and machetes
-Added nails for holding up wood and other blocks
-Added new “gravity” to blocks.
-Added new “Custom Rules” Feature for worlds.
-Added a “Creative mode” To the game

(Bug Fixes)
340: Fixed bug where the core and space switched places causing people’s worlds get corrupted.
341: Fixed bug where if you eat an apple you died.
342: Fixed bug where avatars would stretch if they touch lava.
343: Fixed bug where camera would go crazy if you switched to first or third person.
344: Fixed bug where menu would display “Null” if you loaded up a texture pack.
345: Fixed bug where stone would become lava in 0.89% of worlds.
346: Fixed bug where levers would become bedrock and not work.
347: Fixed bug where typing in first person would cause the game to crash.
348: Fixed bug where lighting would sometimes become too bright or too dark.
349: Fixed bug where “Alpha tester” status would become corrupted.
350: Fixed bug where when loading a world you had a 1 in 100 chance of having it become corrupted.
351: Fixed bug where in some unknown cases you could press B to die
352: Fixed bug where end credits would sometimes show a reversed logo of the game.
353: Fixed bug where naming your character “bob” would crash the game and leave it unplayable