Falcon Hunter


My server, Falcon Hunter, is super cool! There is a police force with a cool hangout, a bank, item storage, business center, food mart, art gallery, awesome admin hangs, and much more! Come visit and stay for a while

  1. Don’t grief. punishment: warning, kick, ban
  2. No swearing. punishment: ban
  3. no hitting near spawn. punishment: warning, kick, ban
  4. No stealing. punishment: warning, kick, ban
  5. No looking in others chests. punishment: warning, kick, then ban
  6. No building on left of spawn without permission. punishment: warned to take it down failure to do this is a kick, and after a ban
    7.NO ASKING FOR ADMIN OR MOD! punishment: kick, ban
  7. No hitting staff. punishment: warning, then kick, then ban
  8. No littering. punishment: told to get your stuff or it will be confiscated
  9. No messy builds. punishment: build is removed
  10. No advertising. punishment: ban

Theme: survival.

NEW! Cruise ship!

Falcon hunter is back!
Falcon hunter is back!

Please put more information about your server on the OP, I.e rules, theme, staff (staff is optional)


thanks I will


I am just curious, what are the rules? You said there are many rules, so can we expect “no eating” or whatso ever? Including into the first post will be super helpful! I came thinking, so name, but there were no rules.


Lol, how exactly is anyone going to enforce “no eating”? XD

But yeah, op, you should do what this guy says. If you don’t know how, the edit button is found as a pencil in the bottom right of your post. Click or tap it to edit.


Ok I did. Thank you!


My old server, Falcon Hunter is back! Drop in and say hi! More information in the thread about my server: Falcon Hunter
Link to server: http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=e06d7cb6f900374a879279d45aac0112&name=FALCON%20HUNTER


Nice i will once i get the time!!


Each world gets one thread in Multiplayer. I’m going to merge this into the world thread.


Sorry about that! I completely forgot about that rule :+1:


All good :slight_smile:


Is this server still up?


I don’t think so.