Family Photo!


The Blockhead Brothers :slight_smile:


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The brotherheads


HAHAHAHAHA that’s amazing :lol:


The wife and husband


So you’re saying that they can’t both be women or men??


They can but dave says in the game all the mobs are girls is it wierd? They all gives birth😂


So how is baby formed?


Ew do u know what are u really asking😡


Woah didn’t mean to trigger you


Yeahhh @Tueflisch you really don’t want to know…


What if I already do tho


Oh okay then. Oh and… how old are you? DX


Let us return to the topic of the beautiful family photo. Obviously baby donkeys come from carrots.

Regarding the OP, why is it one brother gets a jetpack? The others must be so jealous. xD


Haha I bet they are XD
He goes mining and exploring so he gets the more OP stuff like a titanium sword and a jet pack. The others just stay at home taking care of the trees and dodo farm.


3 and a halfef