FAQ: bug


every time i try to read FAQ it crashes the computer. i need help!!!


Could you tell us more about your PC? What kind of web browser are you using?

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im on google


As in the Chrome browser?


on the usb insert it says dell


It crashes for me too!


Is it just chrome or does it happen in other browser to? My best guess is that either the FAQ page isn’t formatted for PCs correctly, or it could be Chrome being weird due to its grudge against Java and any flash players.


Just a note: this bug doesn’t occur on safari


Because safari can be only use in apple device such as mac books, iPhone, iPad, and etc.


Doubt the page crashed your computer. It probably overhauled the computer and thus Google crashed instead. What are your specs? I’ve never seen this happen for anybody. Did the computer freeze when loading the page? Does it not crash, but rather, make your PC force shut down?


it forces shut down


Hmm… The forums isn’t exactly a computer heavy thing?? Do you know what specs you have? Maybe the computer stressed too hard and shut down, weird.


Does it show a screen like this? (Assuming you use windows)

Windows has crashed and needs to reboot. The system will shut down in 30 seconds. Once restarted it is recommended to do ???