"Farm" - A blockheads short story


Hello. My name is Luna. I am a blockhead. What is a blockhead you may ask? Well, it’s hard to understand. You’d have to live in my world to find out. Anyways, I went through an event that is unspeakable. An event that changed the course of history. It was traumatizing. Here is what happened, from the very beginning.

Chapter 1:

“Wake up!” I heard my mom yell. I opened my eyes, still awfully sleepy.

“Can I go to sleep for just five more minutes?” I groaned.

My mom looked at me, and said, “No! It’s time to work on the farm! Now get up and get dressed!”

I groaned. She left the room and I was laying there. It took my about a minute or so, but I eventually made it out of my bed. I went to the mirror and dressed into my work clothes. They were made out if old leather collected from dropbears a long time ago. They were passed down from my brother. My brother… I thought.

I thought more about my brother. My eyes were watery thinking about what happened to him. My mom told me he…that he…died fighting a cave troll. He was always so nice to me. He always gave me fruit and even baked pizza for me sometimes. I miss him so much.

My thinking was interrupted by my mother’s who yelled, “Let’s go!”. I hurried up, and headed downstairs.

What do you guys think of this story?


Can’t risk it getting flagged


That’s really good so far. I’m intrigued. The only thing I would change is to make the chapters a bit longer. Maybe more description?


It’s only a small preview. If I made it too long then I’d be wasting time if no one liked it.


I love it! Keep it up!


Well, here goes.

Chapter 2:

I rushed out the door, and my mother looked at me. It was her scary mom look all mom’s give when you do something wrong.

“What took you so long!?” she yelled, angry. Before I could answer, she just said, “Let’s just get started.” I look at the crops in the farm. We grew food for a living. We grow corn, carrots, apples and other stuff. Occasionally, donkeys and dodos come to eat our food, so we have two options. Either we scare it away (which works all the time) or kill it, which we never want to do. One time my mom had to do that, and I swear, she regretted it for day.

I stop thinking, and went to help my mom harvest the corn. I got my machete out, and cut the corn from their stalks, and got three cobs. I always wondered why they grew only three cobs. It’s rather strange.

I saw my mom struggling with harvesting corn. “Dear, can you help? My basket’s full.” My mom said. I came to help, and gave her my basket while I went inside the house to put our corn in the chest. I looked inside the chest. Why does corn last forever? I thought. There are some things in this world that I understand and those that I don’t. All of us blockheads have something in mind though that haunts us like a ghost. How was this world created? Sure, we know MajicDave created this world, it’s common knowledge. But How? And Why? And where could he possibly be?

I saw that it was noon, and my mom was walking towards the house, exhausted.


I like that you always continue to write! Your story writing skills keep improving, this one seems pretty interesting so far :slight_smile:.


You are pretty interesting. By getting inspiration from your post, I started a weird one called ‘how did I get here?’

I don’t think I was going to make it a series. But if I did, don’t know how to proceed from there. The concept is very different from yours but the idea is similar.


That was kinda sad… But good story! If you keep it up you would make a really good story! :smiley:


Thanks! I’ll probably wrote another chapter, and hopefully make it LONGER this time.

I just have to figure out how to add some action and events without making it seem like a ripoff of other stories.


Chapter 3: A note from nobody.

*I’ll start naming chapters now.

My mother went inside the house. I followed her. She headed to the kitchen, probably to make us some lunch. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I headed upstairs.

Upstairs is where my room is. There is also my brother’s room, which is full of dust. I went inside a few times, and inside was a nice, comfy bed with a chest. A chest, I thought. I have always wondered what would be inside his stuff. Should I? thought to myself. No, it’s not moral…but it’s just curiosity…I can’t… I couldn’t come to a conclusion, but before I could stop myself, I’m inside his room heading towards the chest.

I stared at it. I came closer, and reached to open the chest. I saw inside something. Something strange. It was white. White as clouds. It had some sort of writing. Is this a sign? I thought. No, It would be made out of wood. It looked a bit old, and it was crumbled, but it was still very white.

I looked at the note, and read what it said:

“Portal. Attack. Doomsday. Winter.”

What is that supposed to mean? I thought. Portal? Well that’s about 150 blocks away. Attack? Doomsday? I stood and thought for a second. Is this important? Knowing my brother, it could have been. He used to be an admin, as we call them. Law enforcement. He had very high power and a good pay. I didn’t think much of it, as it could have easily been junk, something my brother always holds.

As I was thinking, I smelled something peculiar. It was a horrible smell. Then, my mom yelled, with a tone of fear in her voice, “Fire!”


:scream: A plot twist! Awesome story, keep writing!


You are pretty good. Actually looking forward to what happens next. I, however, lack imagination. So I’m still practicing my writing skills.


Chapter 4: The crystal.

I quickly ran downstairs, filled with horror. I went inside the kitchen, and I saw a fire that was a giant.

“Mom, what happened!?” I asked, running to get some water.

“I didn’t pay attention to the stove. Strangely, it caught fire!” my mother responded, trying to break the burning blocks of wood. I gave my mom some buckets of water so she could put the fire out. She tried, but instead it flooded the house and only made it worst, since now we had to swim to put the fire out.

“We have to leave!” my mom yelled. I coughed because of the smoke. Coughing? That’s strange… I thought. I never coughed in my life. Neither has anyone I know. Nobody does it. I decided not to thing about right now. We swam to the front door, and went through it. We made it out safely.

We saw the house burning as bright as the sun. It was a terrible day. “W-What will w-we do now?” I said, stuttering with worry. “W-we lost everything…” suddenly, a thought came to me. My brother’s stuff! I looked at my mom, and she fell to the ground.

“The farm, everything…” she said, “it’s all g-gone!” We stood there. My mom stood up, and started to walk.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We are getting supplied for a new house.”

“What about the farm?”

“Don’t worry, I still have a basket of food and coins left.”

“What about my brother’s stuff?”

“Oh!” she stopped. She ran back to the house. I followed her. We returned to the house. “Look around for anything we could salvage.”

The house was basically completely gone. Something was peculiar about the house though. The stuff upstairs fell to the ground. What? How is this possible? I thought to myself. I looked for my brother’s chest, if it even survived, while my mom was grabbing paintings and food. I looked around. I saw his chest placed strangely in the burnt house. I saw the note I left there, and something strange.

I took the note, and inspected the strange object. It was blue and shiny, just like a diamond. I recognized what it was. A time crystal! How? I thought. These don’t belong here! Time crystals power the world. They are what holds the world together. Or so that’s what I hear. It’s common knowledge. I came closer. I reached my hand iut, scared to touch it. I touched it with my hand, and it was glowing. I looked up, and I saw strange numbers around me. Seriously. I though it was a hallucination, so I forgot about it immediately.

I took the crystal and placed it in a basket. Maybe it could be useful. But how did it get here? And does it have anything to do with these strange things happening?


Oh no! A glitch?!


Chapter 5: The vision.

*I kind messed up last chapter, hopefully thid goes better.

I turned around and walked away from my brother’s room. I headed to the kitchen to help my mom with gathering food. Surprisingly, there was a chest of food that survived.

“You won’t believe what’s in here! Pots, foil and even stew!” my mother said. “You can help me with getting these last few stack of food.” I did ad she asked. It took a while, but I eventually finished.

“Mom, that’s all of the food,” I said.

My mom looked at me and around the house, probably to make sure we aren’t missing anything. She then said, “Alright, let’s go.”

We left the site of the burning and I followed my mom to the plaza center. There is where most shops are and that’s where the trade portal is located. I only went there once, since the walk is very far.

While I was walking I felt strange. My mom didn’t notice. I started to limp. Urghh… I thought. Am I sick? My mom finally seemed to notice, and said, “Are you alright dear?” I couldn’t talk, then I blacked out.

I don’t know how to describe it, but it wasn’t really like a black out. It was strange. I felt lightweight in this dream like place. Where am I? What is this place? I thought. Then, I saw someone in the distance. He was a blockhead with nice leather clothing. What a minute…no, this can’t be… I knew who it was. It was my brother.

He’s alive? I thought, shocked. I came closer to him, and he turned around. I was crying, and ran towards him. “E-Emily? It’s Y-you?” he asked, surprised.

“You’re alive?” I exclaimed, excited to see him.

“Errgh…This is just happening in your head.” he said. My smile faded from my face.

“Wait, what do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, you see, when I was working as an admin, they gave me a note and told me that something is happening to the world. Corruption they say,” he said. He paused, and continued. “I don’t know much about what happened then.”

“Brother, I have a question.”

“Yes, Emily?”

“What’s this?” I held out my time crystal and showed him.

Her brother was shocked, and quickly said, “W-where did you find that?”

“On the ground somewhere.” I said.

“O-oh!” he said. “That’s how you are getting this vision!”

“What!?” I asked.

My brother looked at me, and said, “Yes, I remember…Those who can see the time crystals are special they say. Only you and we, the admins, can see them. I never believed it anyways, until now!”

Before I coukd talk, I felt strange again.

“Our time is running out! I suppose this is goodbye,” My brother said.

“What about this note?” I showed him the note I found in this chest a few hours ago.

He came closer, and examined it. “That note…Emily, it’s happening.”

“What’s happening?” I said, but it was too late. I woke up, and my mom was hugging me.


This is doing pretty well. Any more?

I have just added a few more chapters to mine. Still having a bit of trouble figuring how the story will go

But your one seems to have more direction lol.

Can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter.