Farming Farms


Just a simple trick

Build a tower like this and every season the fruits will fall to the bottom.

If you wish you can add water at the bottom and use a slope to create a sloping water that shoves all the dropped fruit into one area.


This is actually genius!


I love this idea. I knew this already, I just wanted to wait for someone to post it before me so I can tell them this message. :slight_smile: Thank you for reading my mind, I will meet you in the afterlife.


If you’re going to make huge and long farms, you can also come by riding a donkey or handcar to pick them up.


Cool idea the only dodo can spawn front to the apple tree and under the apple tree with separated dodos :thumbsup:


That’s a pretty good one. I planted a lot of trees underground so no unwanted animals can spawn. And I use a tamed donkey or unicorn to ride past all the trees to very quickly pick up all the fruit. Goes much faster if you wait until the fruit had fallen, that way you could just trot past and collect everything.


I know right!