Faster train

We need fatsr train becuz say you have a EXTREMELY long rail way and getting to place to place is long ride on a locomotive or hand car why can’t there be like a train tht goes ummmm 10x faster than a locomotive cuz locomotive are slow and also you should make it tht a hand car can hold one passenger thing or one storage train

Trains r fine
They r not slow or fast enough they good at a decent rate
Why don’t u just enjoy the ride?
They hand cart thing is the only good idea

Btw haven’t u seen how fast a train goes downhill?

I think that trains go fast enough already.

Exactly man! :wink:

Some people have a need for speed, especially if the railroad line goes on for an while. Also, trains go slower uphill so that’s a con.

As long as the train takes time to move, everyone want it to be faster, probably the speed of light. :smiley:

But to me have you ever gone like a really really really far distance on a locomotive or hand car it take like a hour just to make on the train ride tht was longest for me

Then take a handcar! It’s faster, and you can just keep your device tilted all the time.

Dude I went on a train. Railway on a hand cart before and it lasted for. A HOUR LITERALLY I WAS TILITING FOR A HOUR

How about the bullet train? The fastest train I believe in the world…

If you don’t like tilting it all the time, just select an other blockhead and stop tilting and do stuff with other blockheads.
dave releases a train that’s as fast as ahandcar but takes tons of fuel

Hand cars can’t go up big hills

Or, if you have a bunch of time crystals, you can teleport…

It might be good for me, since I have a long railway that goes on for PRACTICALLY FOREVER to reach the other beach.


Why do you people shut down good suggestions but wonder why the game is dieing. Why can’t you come to terms that the developers is not perfect they make mistakes and need feedback to make the game better the trains is super slow a waste of resources to make, and I hate using it and it made me felt like quitting the game because hand carts are much faster so what’s the point in building a train which takes ages to go from point A to point B all we are asking for is to improve the speed of the locomotive no need to defend the fact that many people don’t like to use trains because of the slow speed the devs can easily fix this issue, when people play games we do it to relax and enjoy ourselves if there is a game feature that gets players annoyed or frustrated and lose patience it can affect the player based and am not the only one who regrets making trains and stop using them because there too slow when there is no need for that. I like the developer and what they have done but every game needs updates and small fixes when it comes to player feedback seriously this game has a lot of issues that can make people get frustrated and give up and this is just one of them.

The game wasn’t dying seven years ago when this topic was created.

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Why does it matter 7 years ago? Am talking about making trains faster because not only is the trains slow, but it even prevents you from using your other blockheads from crafting or putting more fuel or even doing jobs that option is disabled till your blockheads finishes the train ride that again makes trains even more annoying because of there slowness.

Really? You can’t switch between blockheads?

I go with unicorn riders, but that because they were already high in the sky and when you switch back to the rider, they are just drifting slowly down. Or diagonally down, that’s if you were travelling sideways when you make the switch.

You can switch blockheads

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