Favorite BH bench

Well you know my answer… unless the steam generator isn’t a bench :what:

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Paint and dye benches are tied for me!


You should be able to paint armor

At least you can dye linen clothes! :slight_smile:

Woodwork bench. The bench itself makes nice furniture, as well as being the tool to creating some other nice furniture, and I would die without chests.


Electric stove. I like its looks.

Mmmm powered by steam generator the food it cooks has to be good.

I like tailor’s bench

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Yeah, Taylor is a cool dude. :cool:


Taylor is super cool. Made me this awesome coat and boots

Taylor makes the best clothes! He’s so swagger! :cool:

He’s such a swag dude he even made me this epic backwards hat. He’s always in style

Taylor is so swag… :cool: