Favorite moment while you're playing BH and why?

We’ve had those memorable moments so let’s share them.

So my most memorable moment is this one time when I went to a friend’s server, there was this big water tank near spawn so I tried to break it to create a flood, so I tapped on the blocks but I thought it was protected then I switched blockheads. Then I had massive lag then I realized that I actually just destroyed the wall of the tank soooo I kinda didn’t join the server for like a week and he spammed me in discord dms lmao. It’s my most memorable because I made me laugh like a maniac.

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When I joined a faction server, and then the owner told me if I could get more people to join it, I’d get promoted. I did just that and over the weeks, we became pretty close friends.

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Do you still know the owner of that server?

Yeah his name was exploding_bullets. You think you know him?

Oh yeah, and I though I should mention that the server is now out of credits and the owner has quit :frowning_face:

I dont have any stories, but I really love doing pixel art. Even though i’m not that great at it, its really easy to correct when youre using paint, and you can make some really cool pictures

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I sometimes like to join random servers that are starting out and build custom little trees.
My favorite to build are cherry trees

I kil 20 noobs and destroy the diamond tree

I saw this thread a few days ago and I’ve been thinking ever since, “well what IS my favorite moment playing since I’ve came back?”
I began thinking throughout the following days of the; adventures, laughs, friends, kindness, sarcasm, sweet gestures, pranks, builds, ideas and fun I’ve had in the 5-6 months I’ve been back. But I couldn’t decide which was my favorite moment…
However, I became very nostalgic on a server the other day. I was speaking with the owner of the world and after I had told him the story, I figured, “well, how bout it?? I guess this must be one of my favorite of the memories :blush:
You all know how to read it, first picture bottom to top, then second picture bottom to top :slight_smile: (names are blocked out for privacy,) :blush:
Also please forgive my spelling :sweat_smile:



This is so wholesome and sweet ^~^
I have so many memories from blockheads, it’s hard to say which is my favorite. Do you have any other memories that were ‘runners-up’ to this one?

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Shadow i sure do! But I’m not sure how many people would want to hear more than one :sweat_smile::two_hearts: but if people do I will be more than happy to share! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts: so everyone, let me know! :heart:

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Wow! Such a positive feedback on my original post! Thank you guys!
Because of the positive feed back and the request for another favorite moment, I have another story for you all! (leave a like and feed back if you like this story and maybe tell me if you want to hear more!)

This is a true story that’s filled with both inspiration, change, and comedy. This story begins with two enemies.
Okay, to keep this fairly short and keeping peoples gaming identities safe, we have code names!! The old “has been bully” will be named kaizen (Japanese word meaning, improvement.) and then the other will be named Boffo (meaning extremely successful)

Kaizen at the time was a notorious bully, and Boffo was just a beginning noob. (I don’t have any screenshots to prove this, so I hope you believe me :blush: )
Boffo and I were playing on a server, when they found a app that made a blockhead character in the pfp to look any different customizable way. Boffo began goofing off with his pfp to the point where the crazy combinations he was coming up with was literally causing my ribs to hurt from laughter and my lungs from lack of air :lol: I was laughing so hard I began to “laugh cry” You thought that this is as good as it got?? Oh no!! Boffo kept his most prized pfp and sat and waited for Kaizen to log back on…

Kaizen logged back on.

Boffo said, “look kaizen! im you! hohoho!!”

It was hysterical!!! It was as if you could sense Kazien’s irl face going, “really…?” Kaizen commenced to getting Boffo to change there pfp… which didn’t work :joy:

I don’t really know what happened between Kaizen and Boffo between then and now, but as far as I know, kaizen has changed his ways. And to make it all the Better?? I hear that Kaizen and Boffo are good friends now!!
The moral of the story is don’t be so quick to judge, and always give that second chance, you never know what will become of it <3

thank you all for taking the time to read this!
If you would like to hear more memories and storys please like and give feedback on this post! :two_hearts: