Feeder Chests

I’ve seen many posts about using feeder chest for breeding and having pets but… I have no idea how to use them or what feeder chests can actually do.
Can anyone help…?


You can put food inside feeder chests and animals passing by the feeder chest will eat out of it.

For example, put apples inside and dodos will eat out of it.

Do note that any animals (not just tamed ones) can eat out of the feeder chest and if untamed animals eat out of it, it doesn’t bring them closer to being tamed.


You can fill feeder chests with food for a corresponding animal, then ride the animal across and then- dang, Bib beat me to it. :joy:

Just for reference I know dodos eat apples and donkeys eat carrot. Both restore health.


Stock up the feeder chest with the food that a particular animal likes and you don’t have to chase after them to hand-feed them.

However when you are trying to tame an animal, you have to feed them by hand. If they get the food from the feeder chest they would not be hungry for you to hand-feed them, and you would not be able to keep count of how many times they have been fed, therefore it would not be tamed.


So do you put the feeder chests below the animals, next to the animals, or above the animals?

In the pen with the animals. Dodos can’t jump that high ya know :slight_smile:

Here’s my donkey stable. The middle is for animals in breeding process. :slight_smile: Feel free to use something similar.

When you take a screenshot instead of pressing the button. :man_facepalming:


A black donkey?

Yeah, I think there are different kinds of donkeys and I read somewhere that there’s also a unicorn breed of donkey which can be tamed with rainbow cake. It’s rare though but I’m gonna try and get one

Yes there are. They aren’t super rare anymore though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn I guess I better get breeding my donkeys then-

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unicorn speedrun? iirc I tried custom rules: gem trees only, and got those rainbow cupcakes as my starting items

if you mean getting each type of unicorn that is doable, but you might want to feed them yourself every so often sometimes they past by the feeders and it’ll take some more time before you can tame them if they keep eating it from the feeder