Feeders for Sharks

I dunno if any of you had trouble doing this, but I didn’t know and got mauled by my own hungry pet sharks before I figured it out because I forgot to hand-feed them (and pet sharks attack you if they go hungry). So here ya go.

As you probably already know, animal feeders can’t be placed underwater. This is sort of a pain, because it may seem impossible to feed sharks automatically. But the answer is actually really easy.

All you have to do is put the feeder down beforehand and THEN pour in the water and sharks.

Sharks and water already in the tank? No problem. Just group all of your sharks in one corner and build a barrier so they can’t escape. Build a barrier around the area you want the feeder to be and empty the water inside before putting in the feeder. Break the barriers, refill the tank as needed, and BAM! Automatic shark-feeder!

Note that this also works with fish.

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So I also forgot to mention that when you refill the feeders, you should probably watch out for the untamed offspring. They’ll try to take significant bites out of you and may kill you if you’re not careful, so control their population.

Oh, I just put them in a separate tank for safekeeping. :shark:

I keep them around because my sharks eat up their food supply FAST, so I usually just kill their children (the offspring) and feed them to my sharks. It solves the food problem by a large margin because regular fish aren’t really enough.

How many shark posts have you made man

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i like where this is heading

baby shark doo doo doo


noooooooo :unamused:

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Sharks are a bit of a high maintenance pet. Btw you can place gates under water. Helps if you want to take your pet out into the open water for a swim and get it back home again. Be careful of the wild sharks, they can still bite.