Feeding Safe or Feeder's Safe (for farms on servers)

Since many players are rude/disrespectful that they steal food from feeding chest, why not a Feeding Safe?

Almost all of the servers (with farming) has feeding chest with nothing in it, because they steal the items in it

for the texture, maybe just put a apple bucket in front of safe (just like the feeding chest)

EDIT: The problem however is that feeding chest might become useless for pros/expert players

So, maybe add a setting (on feeding chest only), which can help you prevent players from stealing the items on the feeding chest

Or maybe make a Ownership Feeder’s Chest like the ownership sign


Great idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

puts hand into hole where Apple is dispensed in feeder in an attempt to steal more apples
Me: My hand is stuck!

May be a great idea. (Because servers need protections for feeder chests).

I’ll free you!

Maybe feeder chests need to work a little like the portal chests. Only the owner of the feeder chest and their pets can take out or see what is inside.