Few questions about WM

I recently know we can add WM for server. Because I never played Multiplayer. But I’m deeply impressed by WM allows HTML for designing.
So, I want to make some WM template. Although WM is not very different from web browser, I want to ask something about WM. Here is the questions.

  1. default WM layout
    I know there is default layout for WM. Then, if I wrote WM code like this, are there only displayed heading (h2)?

     <h2>welcome to Server!</h2>
  2. Welcome Message Builder

Is this produce same result compared to default WM editor (image below)?

I’m sorry, but what are you asking about?

First, sorry for my english. I want to create WM template. Because WM html is quite different from general web browser, I want to know about some WM information.
Probably I figured out answer about question 1. In detail, question 2, I found the website which can make WM. There is a code area. If I paste WM code there, can I get same result like writing code directly into WM edit area (image above)?

As far as I am concerned, the Welcome Message Builder is no longer being maintained.

That’s sad. But website is still worked. I can’t play multiplayer so this website is very helpful with making WM.

What is withdrawn?

Yes this would only display “welcome to Server!” Because that’s all it’s coded to do

Probably but the code in that image is very hard to read

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