Finally got a iOS device

I’ve forgotten about Blockheads several months.
Back to then, I don’t have smartphone to play blockheads. But now I have an iPhone, it means I can play Blockheads finally!

Can anyone suggest a server for play?
I haven’t play in the multiplayer mode so far.

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I’ve played on a server called kaleidoscope, it’s pretty good. there are probably better servers out there though

I use my moms phone, is that An iOS?


How do you not no?

If you can go to Settings > General > About > Model Name, your phone is probably iPhone.

Mom says I can’t go to settings

does it have an apple on the back? if so it’s an ios probably

I’m sure you can find some great servers in the #multiplayer category. :slight_smile:

Haha i have an iPhone 7.

Can you send a screenshot of what the screen looks like? Press or hold power button + home button, or power button + down volume

how do you not know if a phone is iOS or not
even a quick google search can tell you

My mom says I can’t use goggle

Are you able to use Bing then?

use chromium :sunglasses:

Applesaucy, the easiest thing to do is to just ask your mom if what you are using is an iPhone. You can tell her you’re asking because you want to know if you can play a certain game or not. Some games only play on iPhones.

She says that it’s an apple phone.

then it’s an IOS

You can’t use Chromium on iOS.