Finding diamond in single player world


Found this amazing time crystal with water and magma

Which way to go? Trying to find diamond, pick: left / top / top right / right


diamonds are randomly generated, it could be anywhere. but i do believe i have found two before in one place.


Accidentally put 2 unicorns out of cage, both jump on magma and died…

Still did not find any diamond, but found a total of 5 cave trolls

MajicDave, why? I found so many rubies, emeralds and cave trolls, why not even 1 diamond :tired_face:


He’s making you breed dodos for a diamond…


Im about to get 5 blockheads and meditate for diamond


If you need to breed dodos or use gold shovels


How much tier is diamond dodo


Regular -> Stone -> Amethyst -> Sapphire -> Emerald -> Ruby -> Diamond




I’m wondering how much MajicDave hates me, did not even gimme 1 amethyst


I’m sure it’s just bad luck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FINALLY… I’m wondering why the name is DAVE


It’s the opposite with me…
In my first sp world I got 3 diamonds (including a diamond tree), 26 (or something) amethysts, 23 sapphires, 7 emeralds and 5 rubies, but I never found any cave trolls…
And then my little sister fiddled around and deleted all my worlds, so I had to restart and this time, I need rubies and diamonds, but I found a TC block right under spawn and found a cave troll pretty darn fast…


I already have a collection of 5 cave troll in house


I wondering is it I lagged or iron dodo bird just give out a sapphire egg


Lol I remember how hard this was (and still is!) I had survival world where I was diggin with gold to get a diamond. I got it. Later I go into the first cave system I discovered and found a diamond literally just so I couldn’t see it and I’m like


Why this in off topic category so I moved it to general discussions category since the thread about the game. :slight_smile:


I’m sure that MajicDave doesn’t hate you.


Why don’t you tired using Trade portals? Any level just wait for the perfect time the job list will appear for Diamond sorry but using job list take times to probably for Diamond it takes 12hrs I think. And I only saw I could get it using steel pickaxe! :wink:


I was waiting for the trade portal job too, but the refresh time is way too long, also yesterday night I breed ruby dodo bird already, so I will just meditate and wait for diamond egg.