Finding diamond in single player world


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On an interesting note, I created a SP vanilla world to use as a reference/closet on my newer iPad. I made it a 1/16th world, which I love. Only difficulty was finding that diamond. I explored every last cave and holeunderground and found just 1! Haven’t explored the whole sky yet to see if there is a diamond gem tree somewhere, but I wonder if anyone else who made a 1/16 vanilla world has experienced the same. Definitely makes the experience more challenging… fun though as always.


If I were you, I’d save that diamond for a trade portal rather than use it on a portal. This way you can buy one instead of having to stress about finding more diamonds.


That’s exactly what I always do


No not me. It’s vanilla. I am using this SP world as a closet, and quick access for paints and things that I have across worlds. I want it up and running quickly.

For me, I upgrade to a diamond portal to make a portal chest. My portal chests have all my essentials. Done.


Ah, I should try this strategy sometime.