~~Finding JavaScript experts~~

I just need a couple of people to help me for a project:
Basically I’m making a website that mined duino coin when I click a button (like the classic game cookie clicker)
You might get paid some DUCO (not guaranteed)

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If I was an expert at JavaScript, I would try to help you, but alas… :frowning:

I would not call myself an expert, I know my way around. Hard part is to find time, energy and motivation :slight_smile: will take a look and bookmark it.

Can you give some additional context, what is the plan?

Assuming you are referring to making some sort of variance on Cookie Clicker - Wikipedia ?

“Javascript Expert” can be defined in many ways depending on people’s specialties and just to name a few:

  • Web Development
  • Node
  • API
  • Reverse Engineer

i know somebody who’s been working with JS half their life, i can ask