Finding out how much weight a blockhead can carry


Aight so you know how minecraft steve can hold like 39 eiffel towers at once right? Well, im here to find out how much a blockhead can carry!
Read this entire topic to find out! (Sounds clickbaity tbh)

For reference, we’ll call the blockhead bob.

If you dont want to read the entire thing

(We will be using the Union Pacific Big Boy for reference) Bob can hold 264,033t or 26 eiffel towers.

but with baskets

bob can carry 1056132t, or 104 eiffel towers

Aight, so bob the blockhead has 7 slots in his inv, each being capable of holding 99 of an item. That would mean that without baskets, bob can hold over 693 items. Now, in order to find out how much bob can hold, we’ll be using steam locomotives. Now, for reference we will be using the Union Pacific Big Boy. The big boy weighs 381t, or 762,000lb. That would mean that bob can carry over 264,033t, or 528,066,000lb. That means that bob can carry 26 eiffel towers. Hes pretty stronk so far.

But wait! Bob can also carry baskets, each consisting of 4 slots each. That keans that bob can have 28 slots with each having 99 items. That means that bob can now hold 2772 items in his inv. That means that if bob was holding 2772 union pacific big boys, he could be able to hold 1056132t. Or 1,458,254,952,000lb. That means that bob can hold over 104 eiffel towers! he’s a strong texas blockhead.

Aight so ye im done uh gnight
hopefully i did the math right-


And that’s not even counting all the baskets inside baskets you can have in your inventory.


Plus safes within safes, baskets within safes, chests within chests…


He could technically carry an infinite amount of Eiffel Towers.


Not technically, but close to. Baskets and safes only go so far, it might become corrupt if you keep putting safes in safes in safes or whatever it is.


Yea it’s most likely to glitch out at some point


Let’s find out!


Moved out of off-topic. It’s about The Blockheads, so it’s on-topic.


How about this then: Theoretically you could carry infinite Eiffel Towers and win a gold medal in the Summer Olympics for weight-lighting.


One level of nesting is known to be okay (item in basket in inventory, or item in chest in inventory, or item in chest in chest).

With chests in a chest (not in an inventory):
99 * 16 (number of items in a chest) = 1584
1584 * 99 (a stack of chests) = 156816
156816 * 16 (chest of stacks of chests) = 2509056

2509056 is a perfect square.


This might corrupt if you pick it up, but Bob might struggle to hold that much! It should be fine on the ground though.


My brain is exploding! :boom::boom:


basically bob can carry pretty much everything at the expense of creating a volatile rift in space in the form of unknowns


Maybe that’s why unknowns can get so buggy… They’re essentially itemized black holes, yearning to break free of their false forms and consume all 2.5 spatial dimensions of the blockheads world.