Finding Platinum and Titanium

What is a good way to find platinum and titanium? My server is pretty much finished, we’ve already explored most of the sky and caves. I was mining, came across two titanium ores, and got 36 because I used a diamond pickaxe. :wink: But I still haven’t found any platinum, any more titanium, or a single diamond. Any better way to get these items? Also, how rare are platinum and titanium?

Look deep near magma.


Ok :slight_smile:

The next best thing you can do is buy and crush stone into gravel and put it through that water basin bench. You have a better chance of getting titanium or platinum than if you tried to mine for them.

Or even better, buying or breeding platinum and titanium Dodos. Which is the most effective and fastest method aside from literally buying the two metals from the trade portal.


Very true. :smiley: