Finding server users in world?


Hi, in my server when I click a user name, it goes to them so I can see where they are in the world.

I have one person regularly on my server that this does not work for. I click their name but it does not go to them- it stays where I am. Is there a way to make this work for them? They don’t respond to me talking and it makes me wonder if they are hacking/etc. I don’t want to ban for nothing though, would like to see what they are up to.



If that user is in a microblock that has not been loaded for you, then you must scroll over those black chunks to load them.


Ah, hadn’t thought of that. I thought maybe a hacker could hide themselves. Thank you for the response.


Well, a hacker could hide themselves with godmode…


Also hitting another players BH without a weapon usually makes them say hey!, ow! Why u do that!,


Or in my case were I say ouch, and then utterly destroy the person who hit me




I remember once I met a person in a random server, we talked a while and he left, then I left too, I went to join another random server and I find him again that’s really a coincidence and he was scared a bit saying: Omg flower how did you find me. :joy:


Was that person called Brer Rabbit? :joy::joy:



yep, pretty sure this is a clear sentence, DISCOURSE :roll_eyes:


literally always happens to me :joy: with @Georgie


Who’s Georgie? Looks like they haven’t been here in a looong time.


Did you mean this @Ge0rgie @Sugarflop? If so than yes she is still around.

Sometimes balancing the responsibilities of our real lives gives us very little free time to spend playing Blockheads. Some choose to use that time in game playing.


@Sugarflop tagged @georgie, not @Ge0rgie. Georgie hasn’t been here in a long time, not since the migration.