Finding your first posts on the forum!


Do you remember when you were a noob on the forums? Wouldn’t you like to see your first post? You’ve come to the right place.

First posts can be really difficult to find without scrolling through 1000+ posts in activity. But here’s an easy way to do it.

Step 1 - Check your join date on your profile. Mine is December 2016 (seems so long ago!)

Step 2 - Go to the Search button and access Advanced Search.

Step 3 - Type in your username on the ‘posted by’ part. If you’ve changed it since then, you only need to put in your current username - it will still work.

Step 4 - Now scroll down to the date part. Select ‘before’ and then put a date a few days after your join date.

Step 5 - Tada! A few posts will come up, depending on how many times you posted in those few days. Find the earliest one and there you go!

Here’s mine. (The cringe! But at least I was interested in a good cause :slight_smile: )


Here we go:

My third post was the Lego Blockhead…


Mine was Jan. 28, 2013 (seems so long ago, cuz it was!) I was already a pro at the infinite water trick. :wink:
But I had probably been observing the tips and tricks posted on the forums and just found this to be the appropriate time to create an account in order to post a response.


Moved to meta. :slight_smile:

Wow. Don’t look at my other posts… such cringe


Oh god, the cringe.


3 years later TC meditation was removed, epic.


tHe CrInGe Is ReAl


Dude, I was shocked when I realized green tulips existed.


Wait I still am a noob-


why was i so meannnnnnnnnnnn ;-;
and why and I showing this?


Find mine. :wink:


Honestly it isn’t bad lol


Here you go!


I think I replied.


I replied on mine :confused: