First Ever Server?

If you are reading this then I am wondering what the first server ever on blockheads was, please answer me.

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Rabbithole is probably one of the first Cloud servers.

The first multiplayer server was hosted on before the move to the Cloud. A little history of the Blockserver days was posted by @jemnidad and @Skeeve who would be able to give more details about those early days.


Most likely the first ever server was made by Dave or Zhaus to test the multiplyer feature during development. We can’t know the name of it.


I thought another server was first.

the first server in blockheads was “me at the zoo”

not really though

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Rabbithole was in fact one of the first servers, period. It predates the cloud and was created during 1.3. I don’t know if it was created during the Blockserver trial period, which came out right at the release of 1.3, or soon after.

The first server I ever joined, called William, was during the trial period of was allowing players to create servers free of charge for a trial period of maybe 1 or 2 weeks. Or maybe it was a month. I can’t recall. Anyway, that owner was a kid and couldn’t pay so once the trial was over, that server got shut down and I looked around for other servers. Which is when I found Rabbithole and Westeros.

Bibliophile discovered a link between the seed of a world and the creation time. So, I can tell that Westeros was created on Saturday, July 20, 2013. That might make it older than Rabbithole, but I can’t date Rabbithole the same way because it was created first as a single player world and converted over to a server.

EDIT: I just did a little digging and the multiplayer release 1.3 came out on June 18, 2013. So Westeros was started one month after that. Incidentally, I renamed and repurposed Westeros to be Skylands Adventure and it’s still running.


Who is Zhaus?

Zhaus is the one who helped develop and support the server hosting site. He helped Dave with a lot of the server side implementation.

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@Brer-Rabbit is admin in Rabbit hole :smiley:

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Hello. :wink:

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He is a rabbit after all

Not just servers! I verified this by checking single player worlds.


Ok then

True dat. Edited. I misused the term. Rabbithole even started as a single player world back in January, 2013. So I should have used the right word.

Ah, that makes a bit more sense.

You should still be able to use the seed to date Rabbithole. Seeds don’t change just because a world is converted from a single player world to a server…

Hey bib, is it still possible to generate the seed 1401928756 in a 16x and still have the original 1.5.1 land in it or is that out of the line because I would absolutely love to see what the original land looked like before griffin lands land was forever changed.

Because when I tried the position of the north pole changed I think.

Do poles positions change from time to time or did the seed change entirely? because the original spawned in ice and I think the new one spawned in land I think.

If you want me to further discuss this it would be best in PM

Right, but the seed date shows when it was created as a single player world (January 20, 2013) and not as a server. So the exact “server creation date” is still a bit of a mystery. Unless @white_rabbit has some email trail about the server.

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Brer doesn’t own Rabbithole. I do.


Yeah I’m just an admin, idk why Foil randomly brought it up that I was an admin but I went with it lol.

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