First Ever Server?

Ok lol

Surprises me to hear that some of you don’t know that Jem is the owner.


That’s what happens when someone spreads fake facts because he thinks it is funny


Yeah, not cool to do that. I didn’t mean to make it look like I was when I replied to Foil, he just said I was an admin.

The first worlds created in the cloud were made by zhaus, the man who developed the cloud for Dave. He used to run Blockserver, the hosting platform that predated the cloud. Soon after that Dave and I also created worlds. None of these first worlds are active. The oldest world that exists in the cloud is indeed Rabbithole, which was ported from Blockserver to the cloud, if I remember correctly. It wasn’t created in the cloud.


That’s correct. In fact, of the 5 or 6 servers I haven’t totally abandoned as garbage, only 1 of them, Skylands Odyssey, was actually created in a post cloud release. I ported about 6 worlds to the cloud from My servers boom periods were definitely the 1.3-.1.6 period. Once the cloud came around, people fled to make their own servers with TC.


Then how did they get Rabbithole into the cloud?

When Blockserver was shut down, existing worlds could be ported into the cloud. Most owners accepted that offer.

@milla I think the question was for the first server, not the first cloud server.

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Sorry, I just saw this.

There’s no way to know what the first ever server was. Neither the first ever Mac server world, no the first ever Blockserver world are on record.

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Back when being admin on a server meant something. I’ll forever remember the times spent on Westeros with fellow admins and the owner.
When I first realized what a owner portal chest was :joy: , totally thought it was a chest only the owner of the server could open regardless of being admin there.
Ugh the Handcart Races @jemnidad Had on his server. Those were good.
Wonder if they’re still there.
Hope everyone’s safe and well.

Need to tell me some of the stories you have on old day BH

Hey DriftKing.

Yes, the courses are all still there, maybe many more on Skylands Arena since last you visited. But the lag we started getting on the server, and the loss of many a dedicated player over the years has led to a definite lull, and a cease to racing in the past few years. It still has credit though, and I PMed you about Westeros.