First post, yay :D BH Art

Hello,my name is Gabriela and people on the game call me G.A.C.,im one of the artist who made the Praise the Dodo King fanart who was being feature by the official TheBlockheads twitter
this game was fun and addictive after the game release and one of my lost account called Dodo Fightlove has interesting stories
I hope all like the second fanart requested one of my discord friend :dodo:


AWWWW! This is so cute, I love it!

I’ve always found it adorable how animals in Blockheads have their food preferences :smiley:

Also, pretty tulips!


You should introduce yourself in this topic. :slight_smile:


You should introduce yourself in this topic :slight_smile:

umm,i cant see the link…it say Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private

It works for me- maybe you can just search up the forum title in the search box. It’s a great thread :slight_smile:

It is a tradition that was started a few years ago.


It’s a tradition of sorts. As to who started it, I am uncertain.

I figured it was Santee, but searching “have a cookie” by [at]Santeeisweird9_real and sorting by Latest Post seemed to imply it had an even earlier origin in Flaxseeds by Lettuce.

If I remember correctly though, Lettuce nuked Flaxseeds due to dissatisfaction with the writing, so the trail kind of goes cold after that.

Also Discourse’s search feature is just plain annoying so there’s not much point in using it unless you know precisely what you’re looking for.

Regarding cookies, it wasn’t started nor popularized by anyone on this forum. I’ve seen it used to welcome people elsewhere long before these forums existed, and it seems to just be a trendy saying.

Welcome, Gabriela! Lovely fan art—makes me want to go look up the one that was featured, as I don’t have Twitter…now I’m going to have to fumble around the internet because I don’t understand social media. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think @SHAHMMM started it, but I might be wrong.

Try this.

Gac? Fancy seeing you here!


Please stay on-topic guys.

I love your art, @DodoFightloveGAC - very endearing :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: I am a HUGE fan of donkeys, so may be biased.